HTML5DevConf 컨퍼런스 동영상

발생일: 2014.12.11

키워드: HTML5DevConf

지난 10월에 HTML5DevConf( 에 다녀왔는데, 오늘 컨퍼런스 동영상이 업데이트 되었다고 메일이 왔다~
설명과 링크를 정리해서 옮겨둔다.


A wonderful talk from Jafar Husain, member of the TC39 Standards Committee on what's coming next for JavaScript, including a bonus alternater version (thanks Jafar!):

Paul Krill's  from Inforworld also interviewed Jafar at HTML5devconf:

Matt Debergalis, Cofounder of Meteor,  gives a wildly appreciated talk on Meteor's new Platform:

Bill Fisher of Facebook got great feedback on his React and Flux talk, here for everyone's technical benefit

Time to build a nodebot and with Stewart Christie of Intel - We hope some of you got to build a "Beer-Bot" later that evening (Crossover talk for both Iotaconf and HTML5devconf)

Antoinio Silveira, VP of Engineering Go Daddy shares a major and successful stack revamp

Opinions on what's coming for Node.js from Bert Belder, a core team contributer on Node.

Ken Struys, Tech lead at Yelp shares how to improve testing and design

Mike Mikowski's talk is as usual for those who enjoy a little controversy:

An experimental standard from Google X team for Beacons and other hardware that uses urls, not the app store

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